About Psychiatry

Psychiatry is an increasingly impactful branch of medicine in our digitalized, fast-paced, and stress-filled world. It specializes in the holistic assessment, treatment and prevention of a wide spectrum of emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and functional somatic diseases.

These conditions include insomnia, uncontrollable anxiety, panic attack, depression, alcohol and drug addiction, anorexia, bulimia, attention deficit, explosive anger, pathological gambling, compulsive shopping, premenstrual dysphoria, chronic pain, bipolar, delusional and hallucinatory states, brain degeneration, and functional somatic symptom diseases. They are globally prevalent across the entire life cycle and often co-occur. Genetic risk factors, adverse childhood experience, unhealthy life style, chronic physical diseases, social unrest, and/or high levels of stress related to work, finance, health, family and relationship issues jeopardize brain function and increase the risk of developing these diseases.

Taking advantage of the malleable nature of human brain functioning (“neuroplasticity”), our team of experienced psychiatrists and clinical psychologists offer multi-modal and personalized solutions to patients’ problems. The impacts of these solutions are augmentative and grow over time. They can include one or more of the following: psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, non-invasive brain stimulation, slow breathing, outdoor walking, mindfulness exercise, retuning circadian rhythms, digital detoxification, dietary intervention, perspective changing, nurturing gratitude and compassion, and other lifestyle-related wellness strategies that foster long-term resilience against stress. Our aim is to help patients and often their family members recover as fully as possible, reduce the chance of relapse of their illnesses, and reclaim meaningful and functional lives.

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