Corporate Health

Invest in the health of your employees and the return is exponential

Do your employees prioritize their job over their health? Do they skip meals and stay up late to get the job done?  Have they stopped exercising because they can’t find the time to? While their commitment to their job is truly admirable, their approach to work is fostering an unhealthy office culture and should not be encouraged. Personal health always needs to come first. When you have healthy employees, your company reaps the benefits.  Employees in good physical and mental condition bring positive attitude to the workplace. A healthier, happier workforce is a more motivated and productive workforce. Implement an employee wellness program by offering your employees a series of benefits and activities that promote health and well-being. 

With over 70 health professionals, Virtus possesses a wealth of specialist expertise and experience. Through wellness programs tailored to your company’s specific medical and budgeting needs, we wish to help improve your employee’s mental and physical health, thereby improving their productivity. 

Services we provide include: 

  • Health Talks
  • Exercise Training Programs
  • Physiotherapy Services
  • Dietetic Services
  • Health Assessments Services
  • Immunization Services
  • Disease Management Programs
  • Employee Wellness Challenges
  • Wellness workshops


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