Virtus Medical Tower

All Virtus receptionists are professionally trained to answer every enquiry concerning our services, facilities and service hours with manner, patience, courtesy and clarity. Our reception lobby is equipped with a television, sofa and water dispenser, creating a peaceful environment for our patients to rest and relax. The dispensary is administered by well-trained pharmacists, ensuring all the medicines are professionally managed. Our pharmacists also provide medication education to our patients so to make sure they take their prescriptions at proper intervals and in correct ways. We put our clients first, and we endeavour to guarantee everyone has the best experience in Virtus Medical.
Virtus Surgery Centre gathers surgeons from different fields, including vascular surgery, surgical oncology, trauma surgery, and so forth. In order to provide our patients with the most accurate diagnosis, our surgeons will perform various endoscopy, including gastroscopy, colonoscopy, and so on, to test for conditions. Combining the expertise of our cross-disciplinary team, we aim to tailor the treatment plans to the conditions of our patients. The surgical centre also cooperates closely with physiotherapists and nutritionists to cater to our patients' needs when recovering from surgery.
An ambulatory care facility specializing in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal and urological diseases and disorders. 3 private endoscopy rooms equipped with the most advanced endoscopic imaging systems, producing high-definition images of breath-taking clarity, that enhances the accuracy of diagnosis and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of procedures. Apart from bringing you the latest technology, we have designed our facility with patient comfort and safety in mind. Incorporating a recovery area where clients can rest till their physical condition meets required criteria for a safe discharge home. Understanding endoscopic procedures are often associated with patient anxiety and apprehension, we ensure our professional nursing staff is highly proficient in identifying and caring for patient needs and effectively communicates with patients relating to procedures and results. As always, we remain committed to providing an exceptional healthcare experience.
Virtus Specialists Centre, featuring rheumatology, gastroenterology and hepatology, and cardiothoracic surgery, gathers specialists from various internal medicine and surgery departments to provide comprehensive care to all of our patients. Rheumatology focuses on the treatment of problems in joints and soft tissue, autoimmune diseases, vasculitis, and heritable disorders of connective tissue; gastroenterology and hepatology specializes in treating diseases and abnormalities of the stomach, small intestines, colon and liver; and cardiothoracic surgery is a specialty that performs heart and lung surgeries.
A centre of excellence for kidney health, our facility gives patients access to nephrology and urology expertise and a cohesive care experience. Nephrologist is an internist who attends to kidney function, while a urologist is a surgeon who repairs male and female urinary tract system and male reproductive organs. Notwithstanding the inherent distinctions between the two specialties, they provide complementary care in many clinical scenarios and close collaboration can tremendously enhance patient care. It is common for patients to have both medical and surgical needs, our nephrologists and urologists work as a team to optimize treatments.
Taking advantage of the malleable nature of human brain functioning (“neuroplasticity”), our team of experienced psychiatrists and clinical psychologists offer multi-modal and personalized solutions to patients’ problems. The impacts of these solutions are augmentative and grow over time. They can include one or more of the following: psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, non-invasive brain stimulation, slow breathing, outdoor walking, mindfulness exercise, retuning circadian rhythms, digital detoxification, dietary intervention, perspective changing, nurturing gratitude and compassion, and other lifestyle-related wellness strategies that foster long-term resilience against stress. Our aim is to help patients and often their family members recover as fully as possible, reduce the chance of relapse of their illnesses, and reclaim meaningful and functional lives.
Learning to live with a brain disorder can be an overwhelming challenge for both the patients and their families. Our multidisciplinary care team is committed to helping patients overcome any physical and mental impairments resulting from various neurological conditions. We provide personalized rehabilitation programs with the objective to improve patients’ return to work, independence in daily activities, community integration and quality of life.
An unrivalled centre of excellence for physiotherapy that offers services in all the different areas, include but are not limited to body composition analysis, functional assessments, physiotherapy treatments, fitness trainings, exercise prescriptions, orthotics prescription, lifestyle education and treatment modality rental. For patients who are homebound, we also offer domiciliary physiotherapy services. Our team of physiotherapists can help patients manage their conditions in the comfort of their own home, providing assessments and treatments with handy therapeutic modalities. In addition to working with patients, our team works with carers, providing education on care skills and home environment assessment.
Geriatric medicine specialists will conduct a comprehensive geriatric assessment including detailed history taking, appropriate physical examinations, and if necessary relevant laboratory and imaging tests to find out the cause(s) of the disease(s) and formulate treatment plans. In addition, in response to the fact that many elders may suffer from multiple diseases at the same time, geriatric specialists can help coordinate the treatment of the use of drugs for patients and formulate treatment priorities and rehabilitation programmes.
A centre of excellence for orthopaedic care, featuring a complete spectrum of orthopaedic subspecialties to deal with all types of bone and joint related problems, Virtus Orthopaedic Centre is a one-stop solution to all disorders, injuries and diseases of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. Our orthopaedists specialise in different regions of the body (such as hand and wrist, shoulder and elbow, hip and knee, foot and ankle), and they work very closely with our team of physiotherapists to deliver complete orthopaedic care you can trust. We provide the highest standard of sports physiotherapy care for the sporting elite and our services are recognised by professional athletes near and far.
Offers a range of evidence-based preventive services and personalized health management programs. Doctors spend time with clients at the end of each assessment to discuss the significance of findings and recommendations for improvement in health. The centre features a sports cardiology department, equipped with a cardiopulmonary testing room. Cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) is a tool frequently used by elite athletes to evaluate endurance performance and cardiopulmonary fitness. While many think CPET is only for professional or elite athletes, CPET can in fact benefit just about anyone. CPET assesses exercise capacity by looking at how your heart and lungs cope with exercise increasing in intensity. In a clinical setting, CPET is a diagnostic assessment of unexplained breathlessness. While elite athletes looking to maximize their potential can take a CPET to assess fitness level and to determine whether there is a need to adapt their training programs, CPET is recommended for first-time marathon runners to identify any underlying medical conditions. For those seeking a new dimension to understand their health, Virtus offers genetic tests that analyses their genetic risk of over 30 common diseases, including autoimmune diseases, cancers, heart and vascular diseases, metabolic diseases and respiratory diseases.
A centre of excellence for child health, featuring a wide range of paediatric subspecialty services such as paediatric respiratory medicine, paediatric surgery, paediatric immunology, allergy and infectious diseases and developmental-behavioural paediatrics, Vitus Paediatrics takes on all aspects of a child's well-being. The concentration of expertise facilitates the treatment of complicated conditions of children that often requires the support of multiple subspecialties. The multipartite facility fosters a close-knit relationship between the subspecialties, allowing a cross-pollination of expertise that enhances patient care. Apart from providing access to coordinated care, our team of paediatricians have a strong teaching mission, with most of them linked to the work of medical schools through honorary teaching posts.
Allergies are widespread and can be debilitating. Virtus Allergy, Asthma and Respiratory Centre is at the forefront of allergy science, offering advanced allergy testing to help determine allergy triggers and latest treatment options to alleviate or eliminate symptoms. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists understands how stressful allergic diseases are and are here to help treat your condition and improve your quality of life.
Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty involving the restoration, reconstruction, or refinement of physical defects of form or function. Reconstructive surgery and Cosmetic/Aesthetic surgery are essential components of plastic surgery.  Plastic surgeons utilize both reconstructive and aesthetic principles to optimize the appearance, functional outcome and the quality of life of our clients.