About Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that prevents and treats the pain and movement difficulties caused by illness or injury.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Orthopedic rehabilitation treats a wide variety of conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system - bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and joints. Injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal system cause pain and loss of function, and may lead to disability. At Virtus, we treat a wide range of patients, from sedentary office workers suffering from neck and back soreness to elite athletes with acute or chronic sports injuries and everything in between. Services we provide include, but are not limited to:
     •   Computerized muscle strength testing and training
     •   Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy
     •   Endermotherapy
     •   Clinical Pilates
     •   Whole-body Vibration Therapy
     •   Laser Therapy
     •   Various Electrotherapy
     •   Manual Therapy
     •   Examine Therapy
     •   Acupuncture

Neurological Rehabilitation [Discover more about our Neurological Rehabilitation Centre]
Our cross-disciplinary team is dedicated to helping patients to overcome physical and cognitive disorders. The personalized rehabilitation programmes, with instructions for the family to properly support and assist the patient’s movement, has the aim of restoring the patient’s ability to work, and their independence in daily activities for community integration and quality of life. Our team is experienced in the treatment of various neurological conditions such as:
     •   Stroke
     •   Traumatic brain injury
     •   Spinal cord injury
     •   Parkinson’s disease

Featured Equipment

Upper Limb Robotic and Computer-Assisted Device
     •    Amadeo system: Robotics finger-hands rehabilitation
     •    PABLO system: Enables measurement of grasp and release force accurately and enhancing early stage hand-arm rehabilitation, with varieties of single- and multi-joint exercises
     •    Myro system: Sensory based all-rounded therapy with built-in pressure sensor

Body-weight Support Treadmill for Gait Training
     •   Provides body weight support
     •   Provides progress reports and real-time biofeedback to evaluate gait performance
     •   Ensures a comfortable and safe experience

Balance Assessment and training Program
     •    Accurate quantitative assessment, varieties of balance and postural control training programs
     •    Fast and accurate fall risk screening and conditioning program, weight-bearing assessment and training, and objective balance assessment
     •    Training exercise include: Static and dynamic balance activities, weight shifting, increasing limits of stability, improving reaction time etc.

Robotic Exoskeleton Gait Training
     •    Stand up and walk over the ground with full weight bearing.
     •    Have real time adjustment of the exoskeleton during locomotion training
     •    To correct your posture or change the setting according to your needs

Cardiac Rehabilitation
Cardiac rehabilitation is a medically-supervised program that helps improve cardiovascular health of patients with cardiac conditions and other non-communicable diseases. At Virtus, we tailor the program to your specific needs. Our goal is to help you to exercise safely and maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Rehabilitation for Endocrinologial Conditions
Metabolic rehabilitation helps the patient to get in control of all the factors that are impeding metabolism. It is an integrative approach to recovering health for patients who suffer from endocrine disorders such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity. At Virtus, we tailor the program to your specific needs. Our goal is to help you to regain physical health and improve quality of life.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Pulmonary rehabilitation is a part of health maintenance for patients on the recovery from chronic respiratory disease. At Virtus, we tailor the program to your specific needs. Our goal is to improve your quality of life by relieving you from breathing problems.

Enhanced recovery after surgery
Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocols are perioperative care pathways designed to achieve early recovery after surgical procedures. Physiotherapy plays an important role in the ERAS protocol’s preoperative and postoperative routines. Preoperative physiotherapy helps achieve functional recovery.

Home-based Therapy and Equipment Leasing
Our team of physiotherapists can help patients manage their conditions in the comfort of their own home, providing assessments and treatments with handy therapeutic modalities. In addition to working with patients, our team works with carers, providing education on care skills and home environment assessment. We have a range of treatment modalities suitable for home use available for rent, to assist patients in their recovery and to speed up their rehabilitation process.

Community Services
In supporting the local universities as clinical partner, we provide internship and educational opportunities. We also give talks and workshops as part of our community services.

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