Pre-Participation Examination (PPE)

About Pre-participation Examination (PPE)

Virtus Medical offers a one-stop integrated physical examination to everyone who is preparing to participate in any sports events with the aim of protecting participants’ against any injuries in competitions and practices. The examination is composed of two parts: Musculoskeletal Assessment and Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing. This comprehensive assessment, with a standard that is comparable to that for professional athletes, helps participants to understand their physical limits and identify any potential injuries or hidden diseases. Based on participants' family history, personal history, assessment data and result, our medical team will provide expert advice on training practice and routine. The data collected also serves as an indicator when evaluating training effectiveness. This assessment is not only applicable to athletes but everyone who is concerned about their health and wellbeing.

Objectives of Pre-participation Examination (PPE)

1. To detect any conditions that might affect performance in competition or cause injuries

2. To evaluate the fitness level of sports players

Who should undergo Pre-participation Examinations (PPE)?

Anyone, regardless of age, who is planning to engage in sports or exercises.

The components of Pre-participation Examination (PPE) include:

Musculoskeletal Assessment

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing, CPET

Musculoskeletal Assessment

The assessment, which takes place in the physiotherapy center on 12/F of Virtus Medical Tower, is performed by experienced physiotherapists. The assessment package includes the following components:

1. Body Composition Analysis

Professional body composition analysis device is used to analyze muscle distribution and the proportion of muscle and body fat.

2. Cardiopulmonary Examination

By performing a 3-minute step test, sports players can learn the performance of their cardiopulmonary function and that of their heart, lung and blood vessels. Immediately after the test, pulse will be measured for 1 minute. A lower heart rate indicates a better cardiopulmonary function. This test, however, is only a preliminary screening. A more detailed examination is suggested if necessary. [Click here for more details]


3. Flexibility Test

In this test, physiotherapists will evaluate participants' level of flexibility in their shoulders, back, thighs, calves, and the mobility of their joints. This is to help participants come up with a personalized stretching routine. Participants with suspected injury will be referred to Virtus Orthopaedic Center for further assessment.

4. Muscle Strength and Endurance Assessment

This test is used to measure muscular endurance of the lower back and muscular strength of the thighs. With the help of the isokinetic dynamometer, participants can better understand their body data, such as muscle strength, endurance, and explosive power so as to develop a suitable training program.

5. Plantar Pressure Analysis

Plantar pressure analysis helps identify problems such as flat arch, high arch, over-pronation, hallux valgus, etc. By knowing their foot characteristics, participants can choose a pair of trainers that best fit their foot shape and minimize the stress posed by improper footwear.

6. Neuro-motor Examination

This is a series of examinations that assess participants’ static and dynamic balance. It allows participants to have better control over their body movement thus increasing the efficiency and reducing the risk of exercising.


7. Static and Dynamic Posture Analysis

Physiotherapists will carefully observe and analyze participants’ static and dynamic posture, including their limb angle, landing position, and movement of other body parts during running. This can prevent incorrect posture and avoid muscle and joint injury.

Integrating the results of all assessments, our physiotherapists will provide participants with professional advice based on their strengths and weaknesses and tailor their training accordingly. If any abnormalities are observed, participants will be transferred to other Virtus specialties, ex. Cardiology, Orthopaedics and Traumatology, for follow up.

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