Cardiac Rehabilitation

About Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Living in a fast-paced city, urbanites in modern days are often overwhelmed by their busy schedules and spend most of their time sitting in front of the computer. After the hectic weekdays of work, rest is the only thing desired over the weekends and little time is spared for exercise and workout. Irregular diets and the over-consumption of fast-food meals, which are usually high sodium, high calories, and high cholesterol, also increase the risk of high blood pressure and other heart problems, making heart disease one of the top killers in modern society.

Virtus Medical’s Cardiac Rehab Program is designed to provide customized rehabilitation services to individuals catering to their personal needs. This multi-discipline program is formulated together by our cardiologists, physiotherapists and registered dietitians and features a variety of services, including dietitian consultation on heart-healthy diet, cardiopulmonary exercise test and cardiac rehabilitation exercise (the above services may vary between different programs). Absolute safety is guaranteed by the supervision of medical professions, health consultant also stationed as case manager to facilitate the communication between different parties, making sure no loopholes exist.

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