Lower Extremity Arterial Disease Screening Programme


  • HKD$980
Programme includes:

  • General surgeon consultation
  • Ankle-brachial index ( ABI ) test

ABI = Ankle pressure / Brachial arm pressure


Obstruction level



Noncompressible vessels

Arterial calcification

0.90 – 1.30



0.40 – 0.90

Mild to moderate obstruction

Sore or weak legs, intermittent claudication


Severe obstruction

Rest pain or gangrene

*Not all patients with PAD have symptoms. If a patient has an ABI<0.9, he/she can be diagnosed with lower extremity arterial obstruction.


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About Lower Extremity Arterial Disease

Lower Extremity Arterial Disease (LEAD) is the narrowing of arteries that supply blood to legs and feet. Just as coronary heart disease caused by atherosclerosis, LEAD is a result of reduced blood flow to the limbs due to the narrowing of artery caused by atheromatous plaque build up (formed by the deposition of cholesterol, fat or calcium) on the wall. Rupture of atheromatous plaque can lead to the formation of thrombus, which can further narrow the blood vessel or even lead to complete blockage.

Why Should I participate in a Lower Extremity Arterial Disease Screening Programme ?

Virtus Lower Extremity Arterial Disease Screening Programme is led by General Surgeon. The Ankle-brachial test (ABI) test allows doctors to check how well your blood flowing, thereby formulate an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan.

Who Should participate in a Lower Extremity Arterial Disease Screening Programme ?

Risk factors of LEAD:

  • Aged 65 or above
  • At risk of atherosclerosis, including:
    • Patients with diabetes
    • Smokers
    • Patients with hyperlipidaemia
    • Patients with hypertension
    • People with a family history of PAD
  • Have a history of atherosclerosis in other vascular beds, like coronary artery or carotid artery
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