COVID-19 Test by an accredited private laboratory - FAQ

Who is the test for?

Clients who wish to get tested but do not meet the Government’s criteria for free tests and for those who wish to apply for travel restriction exemption (notes to application for travel restriction exemption).

What kind of test is available?

RT-PCR for SARS-CoV-2 virus (the COVID-19 virus). A sample container will be provided to the client, and a deep throat saliva sample should be taken by the patient at home first thing in the morning. The specimen will then be sent to a medical laboratory within 6 hours of collection for analysis.

How much does the test cost?

The cost is $2,100 per sample, which includes a teleconsultation with a doctor, delivery of the specimen collection kit to your home, and the delivery of the specimen from your home to the laboratory. For urgent test (test results available within 24 hours), there will be an extra cost of $400. Kit will be delivered to your home, but you need to self-drop off sample to Virtus Medical Tower* before 9:45am. There is a quota of 100 per day.
*Virtus Medical Tower address: 122 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

How long does it take to get results back?

  • It typically takes 2 working days (subject to capacity).

How do I prepare for a sample collection?

  • Specimen should be collected first thing in the morning – after getting up and before brushing teeth, eating or drinking.
  • Specimen must be sent to Lab within 6 hours of collection and since Lab is closed on Saturdays (after 1pm), Sundays and Public Holidays, please avoid collecting specimen during those days.
  • For collection instructions, please refer to below link (prepared by Hospital Authority):

How will I learn the results?

  • Doctor will communicate results with you over the phone.  And a report will be mailed to you together with a laboratory certifying letter (if applicable/testing for travel restriction exemption).
  • For cases with reportable test results, Virtus will report the cases to the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) according to the CHP’s instruction and patients will be transferred to the designated hospitals under the Hospital Authority for further clinical management.

More questions about COVID-19 Testing?

If you have further questions regarding the COVID-19 test, please contact our Customer Care Hotline at 8102 2022.