Ageless Health Checkup Package

Ageless Health Checkup Package - HK$3,500

Enquiry & Booking: 8102 2022

*Suitable for people aged 55 or above
Body Systems Assessment
Weight, Height, Body Mass Index, Waist Circumference, Blood Pressure, Pulse
Brain Mood Screening
Cognitive Screening
Eyes Visual Acuity Test
Color Vision Test
Macular Degeneration Screening
Fundus Examination
Hearing Hearing Test
Pulmonary Spirometry Test
Prostate (For Male) International Prostate Symptom Score
Specialist Consultation and Report Analysis
Dietitian Lifestyle Counselling
Functional Assessment
Nutrition Screening Questionnaire
Mid-Arm Circumference
Continence Screening Questionnaire
Mobility Mobility Assessment
Balance Assessment
Fall Risk Assessment
Sarcopenia Screening Questionnaire
Handgrip Strength
Skeletal-Muscle Mass Assessment
Activities of Daily Living Basic and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living
C-DAD for Suspected Memory Problem
Swallowing Bedside Assessment
Overall Frailty Clinical Frailty Index
Fee HK$3,500

Enquiry & Booking: 8102 2022

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