How To Put On and Remove a Mask

7 Feb 2020 / Dr. Chu Chung Ming (Respiratory Medicine)

Dr. Chu Chung Ming, specialist in respiratory medicine, demonstrates how to put on and remove a surgical mask properly.

1. Clean your hands thoroughly with alcohol-based sanitizer for around 20 seconds.

2. Make sure the coloured side of the mask faces outward with the metallic strip uppermost.

3. Position the strings or elastic bands properly behind your ears.

4. Mould the metallic strip to the bridge of the nose.

5. Adjust the mask to cover the nose, mouth and chin.

6. Make sure the mask fits tightly to the face.


• The mask has to cover your nose and mouth. Covering only the mouth is incorrect.

• Do not touch the surface of the mask (the side facing outward), as it can be contaminated.

• Any used mask must be disposed of, never reuse.

• When removing a mask, avoid touching the outer surface. Hold the ear loops, lift and gently remove the mask.

• Throw the mask in a lidded bin.

• Clean your hands afterward.


Source: Dr. Chu Chung Ming, specialist in respiratory medicine