Nutrition Services

DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. DASH diet applies to all adults, especially hypertensive patients, in order to maintain healthy heart. DASH diet mainly included low-fat, low-saturated fat, low-cholesterol food, to avoid fat blocking the blood vessels. Increase the intake of certain types of nutrients, which would effectively control and prevent hypertension. Supplemented with a combination of foods containing high magnesium, high potassium, high calcium, protein and fiber to help control the absorption of fat.
To learn more about the diabetes diet, please consult a Virtus dietitian.
There are many risk factors for kidney stones; diet is one of them. To prevent kidney stones you may need to change what you eat. Nutrition therapy, as with other forms of therapy, is tailor made according to your individual risk factor and type of stones. Your registered dietitian will design and explain a plan that meets your needs.
Patient shall follow registered dietitian’s recommendations to control daily intake of high-quality and low-quality protein.