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Coronavirus outbreak & diabetes care

25 Mar 2020 / Dr. Chan Nor, Norman (Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism)
According to the Health Authority, Hong Kong has recorded 4 deaths of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as of 18th March 20201 and the first reported death was a 39-year-old male2. Despite his young age, he was a high-risk patient due to his underlying diabetes2. Many people may wonder if diabetes mellitus increases risks of fatalities and if patients require any extra precautions. >>Click the PDF icon to download full article

無綫新聞《抗疫攻略》- 口罩深入篇

2020年2月12日 / 李俊輝醫生 (全科)

無綫新聞《抗疫攻略》- 廁所衛生

2020年2月12日 / 李俊輝醫生 (全科)


2020年2月10日 / 何學工醫生(兒童免疫及傳染病科)


2020年2月10日 / 何學工醫生(兒童免疫及傳染病科)

How To Put On and Remove a Mask

7 Feb 2020 / Dr. Chu Chung Ming (Respiratory Medicine)